A repository of 16S driven functional metagenomics data, analytics and visualizations, packaged in the form of enriched Dashboards created using iVikodak Project. ReFDash database is aimed at compiling together a global ensemble of 16S derived Functional Metagenomics projects

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The ReFDash Project (RFDP)

ReFDash - ReFDash (currently under development) represents a vision towards developing a universal database of 16S based functional metagenomic inferences, results and comparisons. Each entry in the database represents a unique dash file which represents a full-fledged functional dashboard. Associated taxonomic files and metadata are also supplied in each entry, and a direct access link to the entry specific dashboard is available.

The database in its current form has some key entries pertaining to around 50 16S metagenomic studies containing more than 18,000 samples. Our vision is to create a framework, wherein users can not only analyze their datasets, but also contribute towards bulding this information base by submitting their functional analyses to ReFDash database (once their results have been published or are polished for submission).

ReFDash also includes a utility to compare multiple environments associated with multiple dashboards.

ReFDash therefore aims at greater accessibility and scientific collaboration in 16S driven functional metagenomic space.

How it works?


Multi Algorithmic

ReFDash generates functional profiles using iVikodak and plans to incorporate all existing functional inference tools and algorithms (e.g PICRUSt, iVikodak, Tax4Fun etc. to enable end-users generate relevant results and submit them to the repository as well.

Multi Project Exploration

End users might be interested in exploration and comparison of two or more Projects (each representing a distinct 16S metagenomic environment) in the database. To meet that requirement, ReFDash offers a multi-entry (project) comparison workflow

Community Collaborations

ReFDash is developed with the vision of increasing community collaborations through sharing and exploration of open-scientific research. Each entry shared on ReFDash will open up the avenue for better, open and collaborative accessibility to microbiome datasets & results (taxonomic as well as functional)

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Nagpal S, Haque MM, and Mande SS (2019) ReFDash - A Repository of Functional Dashboards providing comprehensive functional insights inferred from 16S microbiome data sets . Manuscript communicated.