NOTE: A version 2 of OTUX (OTUXv2) has been released. This approach utilizes the ‘amplicon specific’ sequences, when compared to ‘V-region specific’ sequences in OTUX. Please check the OTUXv2 page for more details.

Please select whether you want to download a single v-region database or a database for a stretch of v-regions from the first dropdown. After that select the database of your choice from the second dropdown.

V-region specific OTUX database



The downloaded archived folder should have following files:

  1. FASTA file of containing sequences consituting the selected V-region(s) corresponding to OTUX OTU IDs
  2. Taxonomy file of selected V-region(s) database, which provides sequence wise taxonomic information along with the OTUX IDs
  3. A mapping-back matrix for selected V-region(s) database (required for mapping back the OTUX IDs obtained in the abundance profiles to Greengenes IDs. Please refer to this page for detailed information about mapping-back matrices.

Download scripts for 32-bit.

Download scripts for 64-bit.

The downloaded archived folder should have following files:

  1. A ‘bin/’ folder with following executables: mapbackOTU, mapbackTaxa, mothur2json, parseMothur, percentNormalize, unclassifiedSeqs
  2. A wrapper shell script which calls the above executables

Note: A Greengenes taxonomy file - version 13.8 (for representative sequences of OTUs clustered at 99% identity) is needed for mapping back the taxonomies obtained using OTUX to taxonomies using Greengenes nomenclature. In case you do not have a greengenes taxonomy file please download.

To obtain your results for Greengenes representative sequences of OTUs clustered at 97% identity, please use this file to mapback your results in terms of Greengenes IDs for sequences clustered at 99% identity to the ones with 97% identity. Use the provided executable ‘gg_99_to_97’ for 64-bit or 32-bit accordingly, to achieve either one-to-one mapping back and one-to-many mapping back .

Usage: ./gg_99_to_97 gg_mappedBack_OTU_file gg_99to97_mapping_matrix

In case the executables provided in the ‘bin/’ folder is not compatible in your system. please contact us