Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and World Wide Web technologies have opened a new direction in Enterprise Intelligence, that is gradually transforming the way enterprises perform business and interact with their customers. This change is largely driven by the widespread consumer adoption of sophisticated AI technologies and web based social media. Consequently, almost all business enterprises face a number of challenges such as adoption of new business paradigms; customer-centric business processes; issues with large, multimodal, multilingual, and multicultural data, analysing behavioral signals from social media; agility, security and many more. Therefore, the primary goal of this workshop is to bring together industry professionals and researchers working in the area of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine-Learning, linguistics, social science, HCI, design and vision and those whose work concerns the intersection of these areas, together and provide a venue for the multidisciplinary discussion of how ubiquitous AI technologies can help in extracting social and enterprise intelligence for smart enterprise transformation and addressing the aforementioned challenges.